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Very Useful SEO Tips That Will Help You To Be Successful

January 3, 2010

Forget Keywords and Submitting Your Website to Google

The rules have changed. Meta Keywords will not help you and you do not need to submit your website to Google. They will find your website.

Do Not Over-Optimize

If writing a page and placing a keyword over fifty times is your idea of SEO, go ahead and forget it. If all the links which point to your site all has the same anchor text, this is not good as well for your website. Back links and content should appear natural. Do not forget to write for your visitors, not the search engines. Outstanding information on any website will get more links and than one that is over-optimized.



The Next Step After Creating Your Website

January 3, 2010

There are many ways to get a lot of traffic to your website. Creating a site from the bottom up and performing good marketing and keyword research is what good Search Engine Optimization is all about.

My Website Is Created, What’s Next?

The market itself is the determining factors what keywords are are profitable for your website. Before you think that merely by creating the website and coming up with really great keywords, keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in mostly every online market. Be creative with your keywords. Make sure they are unique as possible and this will be your key to success.